My preferred Linux distro is CrunchBang. I have that as my current web server, Lab desktop at work, home desktop, and an old laptop. It is superb on the older stuff, without sacrificing much ease of use. I recently installed it on what will be a temporary server while I segregate other tasks off my web server. During the install process I chose British English, rather than American English in an effort to de-Americanize things. Unknown to me until just now, this also meant that my keyboard layout went to British English as well. Here's how I went about changing the keyboard layout...

So first, we need to know what file to edit. Most of my info is coming this following site:

In the end, the change was MUCH simpler than I had imagined; the rest of the blog post, while useful and cool to know, was rather useless for me as I only have 1 language for my keyboard. Here's all I needed to do:

# sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard

Change this line:




I tried logging out and back in again, this didn't seem to take the change. I wound up rebooting my sercver, and DONE!

That was all!