While quick, this sure ain't dirty... Unlike many vendors' 'URL Filtering' solution, this effect not just basic web browsing, but ANY protocol that needs to resolve any kind of domain name to an IP. Now THAT'S Fancy!

In my ongoing efforts to find new use for an IP260, I have made some interesting discoveries, and tried (and failed) to get coreboot on to the device. The failure point on coreboot was simply that there wasn't any thing compiled for IPSO 4.2. Here, I document my efforts to compile binaries on IPSO 4.2

In an earlier article, I went over a few discoveries I made on a Nokia IP260 while trying to install pfSense on it. In the comments, someone wondered if Coreboot would work on it. Not being one to shy away from such a challenge, I dove right in. Here are my findings.

Normally I wouldn't write anything about this... Heck, normally I wouldn't even say anything, but this has got me so annoyed and worked up, that I can't NOT say anything. This here, is *THE* reason I hate and despise sales and salesmen. Be prepared for a rant.

Because of the nature of things, I have to speak in anologies. So while I think I've got a good one worked out, you'll have to forgive me if it seems a bit strange. So here goes...

I have been working on a script in my spare time. It is meant to help troubleshoot unspecific connectivity issues where some kind of Checkpoint device is involved. The idea is that you when you experience a connectivity problem, you run this script, do whatever you need to do to get things back up and running, and provide Checkpoint TAC the output file, and they can begin work to determine what went wrong.