So I have (had, now) a webserver hosting this site at home. Out of the blue, weird things started going on with my server, and I think it's been hijacked to serve another purpose. What purpose? I don't know. By whom? Still no idea. How? Even less of an idea. In the end, I wound up backing up my website (which was strangely left untouched), and rebuilt my server with a new OS and better security, and got my website up and running.

When I rebuilt the server, I used a new hard drive so that I could rebuild my server and get my website back up. The old hard drive is sitting on my desk, waiting to be plugged in for further analysis.

In my first Network Security post, I think I will rant a bit more than anything really technical, but the technical stuff will come as I get a little more accustomed to this site.


While working at Check Point's TAC (Technical Assistance Center), I have seen all kinds of things that, quite frankly, blow me away. Of all the things that do this (trust me, there are surprisingly many), there is one that stands out above the rest: not listening to the first Engineer that was spoken to. As a higher-level engineer, I don't take those front-line calls. I get the case escalated to me if the previous engineer is unable to solve the issue. I can't count the number of times I have merely repeated what the previous engineer has said (sometime word-for-word), and that is indeed the solution to the issue at hand.