Ever want to wreck a $500,000 piece of equipment and not get into trouble? Who doesn't!? I recently got some additional training at work on the Checkpoint 41000 and 61000 series appliances. These are some pretty big and beefy, data center grade appliances. Well, after the training completed, we had a chance to fool around with the device, and here's what I discovered...

So, you want to set up Tails live Linux USB, but for one reason or another, you can't follow the instructucation provided for one reason or another; in my case, due to policy restrictions. What to do? Well, here is an alternative method that should be just as cryptographically secure as the "official" instructions.

We all have our "preferred" or "favored" linux distro we use; mine is CrunchBangPlusPlus (#!++). While it absolutely meets all my day-to-day needs, I really wish it had some of the tools Kali has... Like John the ripper, nmap, hping3, kismet... Just to name a few. Sure, I could go ahead and take a look at the full list, and install each tool individually, but that would be far more time consuming than I would like. Especially when you can go ahead and just add the repositories to your exising Debian-based install. Here's how:

Today, we will go over creating a bootable USB with Kali, and an encrypted persitence that is also nukable. What this means, is that the USB itself will be bootable, but all the data will be encrypted. The encryption will not only have a decryption password, but it will also have a Nuke password; put in the Nuke password, and even the correct password will not be able to decrypt it. Read on for the complete how-to.

SO often here at work we need to run the Linux netstat command to get various network details. More often than not, we need to run the netstat command with the -r flag to get routing details. While I am very familiar with the output, I have yet to fully memorize all the route flags and what they mean. Comically enough, there is no article here in our knowledge base that provides this info... So I am putting it up on my website here and now, and will write up an article about it later.