At work I have a lousy lock screen, that is set and cannot be easily changed through the 'normal' Windows 7 options to change that background. I had previously found a workaround, but it was using a Windows batch file, and I wanted to do something a little...more, or better. I came up with this.

The idea is pretty simple... the Windows 7 lock screen background can be 'set' by placing a specifically JPEG image in a specfic windows folder. While doing so worked, something about the corporate PCs here at work eventually overrode that file, and would once again use the otherwise garbage background. And the corporate PCs are also prevented from changing that background through the 'normal' process of just changing the login background.

I had previously worked around this using a little windows batch (.bat) file; it would copy the file, wait 30 seconds, and do it again. While this worked (and worked fabulously), it was a bit lacking... the CLI window was always there, it was ugly, and not easily 'customized' to be handed over to my coworkers. So I came up with this:

So all this does is simply copies the original tot he lackscreen ever 0.1 seconds, and ignores any/all errors.

Yes, there are likely better ways to do this.

Yes, there are other apps that accomplish something somewhat similar, perhaps even using one of those better ways to do this.

In the end, I wanted to create this little app for myself, and further familiarize myself with GitHub. In the end, this was more of a make-work learning project than anything else.

So far so good... I still have to make better sense of the files, but that'll come with time I suppose. I am reasonably sure I'll eventually make some optimizations on this little app, but for now, it works the way I need it to, and that's good enough for now.