We all have our "preferred" or "favored" linux distro we use; mine is CrunchBangPlusPlus (#!++). While it absolutely meets all my day-to-day needs, I really wish it had some of the tools Kali has... Like John the ripper, nmap, hping3, kismet... Just to name a few. Sure, I could go ahead and take a look at the full list, and install each tool individually, but that would be far more time consuming than I would like. Especially when you can go ahead and just add the repositories to your exising Debian-based install. Here's how:

First, we need to edit the sources file:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Note: You should use the text editor you prefer.

Now, we add the Kali repositories to the file. I get these repos from Kali directly:

deb http://http.kali.org/kali sana main non-free contrib
deb http://security.kali.org/kali-security sana/updates main contrib non-free

deb-src http://http.kali.org/kali sana main non-free contrib
deb-src http://security.kali.org/kali-security sana/updates main contrib non-free

Save and close the file.

Next, clean the apt cache:

sudo apt-get clean


sudo apt-get update

And now you're ready to go! You just need to now either install individual tools, or install a complete Metapackage. Me being me, I went ahead and installed the 'kali-linux-all' package, you can do so as well with the following command:

sudo apt-get install kali-linux-all

And about an hour later, my CrunchBangPlusPlus install now has all the nice Kali tools!


*** Special NOTE for PAC Manager users:

For those of you who have already installed PAC Manager, installing the kali-linux-all metapackage will break PAC Manager. I do not know why. To get PAC Manager back up and running, I had to do the following:

  1. Remove PAC Manager
    • sudo apt-get purge pac
  2. Delete the config folder
    • rm -rf ~/.config/pac
  3. Re-Install PAC Manager
  4. Reconfigure my connections

I am sure there is a way to remove all the existing config details, while keeping the connection details, but I am not aware of what it would be. Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge of PAC Manager can offer a suggestion in the Comments section...

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