OMFG I am *SO* done with Joomla... I think.

A couple of days ago, I finally completed writing an article walking through creating a "Poor Man's ESX Server". After a few iterations, edits, and validations, it was ready to go. In fact, that was supposed to be today's article. Except that Joomla did something, I cannot determine what (yet), and now my article is gone. Completely gone, like I never wrote it.


How? Why? WTF?

Over week's work, just...gone.

Now I face a dilemma, and I'm unsure how to proceed...

To start, I am done with Joomla. Done and done... Granted, some of the challenges I have been facing *MAY* be due to user error, and am willing to admit and address this. My thoughts here are to just rebuild the site from scratch, not export/backup and then restore (as I have been since I started this site). It is entirely possible/likely that something has become corrupt over time/backups/restores.

But if I am going to rebuild, do I necessarily want to rebuild it with Joomla? At this moment, no, not at all.

That means learning something new, and while I am typically happy to learn new, I don't have all that much time right this moment. And then that means that any and all existing links to my site will all be rendered useless... unless I do something about redirects, which is yet more learning, and more delays. Or forget the links and redirects and just start anew...?

So then do I stick with Joomla despite how much it's been pissing me off? Maybe give it one last chance to fully redeem itself?

Ugh... Decisions, decisions...

If you have any thoughts to share, you can Contact Me and let me know.