It feels like it's been forever since I updated my site... and in some ways, maybe it has.

I am taking a temporary haitus on active updates on the site.

For those who tried accessing my website on January 29th - 31st, you may have noticed that the site was down. Indeed, it was. I was repurposing my webserver hardware into a Poor Man's ESX server (article to come). While the initial repurpose was quick and easy, restoring my webserver, on the other hand, was fraught with challenges, difficulties, and problems. I ultimately overcame them all and restored my website as you see before you (NO article to come, too much trial-and-error to recall the proper successes).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

OMFG I am *SO* done with Joomla... I think.

Not a week after writing my previous rant about my disillusionment with Joomla, suddenly, out of the blue, I am able to update it!? Not that I'm specifically complaining... But WTF!?