It feels like it's been forever since I updated my site... and in some ways, maybe it has.

There has been some rather substantial changes in my life since my last update, which somewhat explains some of the delays here.

First off, the backend of this website is broken. Broken beyond my skills to fix tto (as much as it pains me to admit). So there's a genuine need to "redo" my website, the real question here is whether or not to continue with Joomla (which has been agering me of late), or to find a new framework to use. This, really, is what this Hiatus is all about, sorting out the framework. This take time to research what is available, how it compares to the existing site, whether or not it accomplish of my "primary needs" for the site, how well it is supported, how vast the plugin repository is, how easy/difficult it is to import from the existing site, etc...

To further add to the delays, I got me a new 9-5 job, and while it is in the same industry, it is with a different vendor with a different product (and a VERY different customer base). While this is great, grand, and groovy, I have a lot to learn (again), and have been focusing on that. But things are starting to slow down a bit, I'm starting to find a good groove here (so far), and have been starting to take another look at the frameworks available.

As always, don't hesitate to Contact Me if you so desire.